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Technical Standards

Dorma - Which Door Control

Door Closers - Meeting the Requirements of the DDA and Fire Regulations
(includes information on BS8300:2009, Approved Document M, BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155,)

ADSA Occupier Safety Check Videos

BS EN 16005 is the European Standard that is the code of practice for safety in use of automatic doors for pedestrian use. All pedestrian automatic doors installed since April 2013 should comply with the BS EN 16005

The standard refers to occupier responsibilities to maintain and inspect their powered pedestrian doors. It highlights that maintenance work needs to be carried out by industry professionals but that they are also responsible for safe door operation. Ref. BS EN 16005 Section 4:2:1

But what does this mean? To help our members communicate the essential requirements to their end users ADSA has produced two videos.

  1. Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Sliding Doors
  2. Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Swing (hinged) Doors

The videos will take you through the recommended safety checks and allows the occupier to recognise where professional repair maybe required. The videos are available for you to use as part of your hand over process

Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Sliding Doors

Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Swing (Hinged) Doors

NB Information on other products coming soon.