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Door Spring Supplies Ltd - About Us

Our automatic door engineers are accredited to BS7036:1996 (EN16005 from April 2013) - Code of Practice for safety at powered doors for pedestrian use. Door Spring Supplies Ltd (Company Registration Number: 6731232) is an associate member of ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association).

Our scope of operations encompasses the supply, maintenance and installation of automatic doors, window control, emergency exit devices, car park barrier, gates, roller shutters, steel doors and access control equipment.

  • We supply, repair, maintain and install door controls and window controls and can assist you with solutions for most situations.
  • We are distributors of Stanley and Geze automatic door operators and Dorma door closers. We also install Record, Came and Ditec automatic door operators.
  • We provide automatic door operators suitable for domestic or commercial installation, self-closing springs and transom closers to aluminium door systems.
  • We also supply and install aluminium shopfronts and low level curtain wall systems with automatic doors or manual doors.
  • We offer a wide range of access control products including telephone, video, digital & mechanical, all suitable for office doors and main entrance doors as a stand-alone system or networked (electronic products only). Electronic access control systems include Paxton, Bell, Videx and Siemens and for mechanical digital locks, Keylex and Codelock are offered.
    Both the automatic door and access control equipment can be interfaced giving you the ideal solution for secure environments being used by a disabled or handicapped person.
  • Our specifications are tailored to suit your requirements and we will undertake risk assessments that will help determine the equipment required on your automatic door.
  • Our engineers have the knowledge and ability to work on most automatic door operators. The company has a vast wealth of experience with some employees having over 25 years of service each.
  • A call-out service and planned maintenance contracts are available to extend the effective working life of the equipment.
  • The Door Spring Supplies Ltd has traded for over 30 years and changed its trading title to Door Spring Supplies Ltd in 2008.


To discover more about our products and services, please contact 01604 931136