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Bar Shutters

Bar, Kiosk & Servery Shutters

The small shutter box and neat finish of security shutters make them suitable for many internal openings and external kiosks. Counterbalance spring is a common form of operation. Bottom slat keylock or internal shoot bolts secure the shutter. When headroom is very restricted our shutters will run sideways with the shutter box at the side. Roller shutters are effective space savers on cupboards and cabinets.

If vision is required through the shutter, CD 900 aluminium shutters are used to retain a high level of security. Wide spans and corners are accommodated by fixed or removable centre rails.

Retail Shutters

Retail Shutters

As shop shutters become a common feature on high streets local authorities are stipulating that shutters must be see-through for window shopping. Shutter type CD 800 can be externally fitted over the shop front or the shutter can form the complete shop front at night on an indoor shopping centre or concession shop.

CD 800 is also available with clear inserts to secure the vision panels.

Internal Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Intricate architectural designs sometimes make it technically difficult or aesthetically unacceptable to fit shutters externally. The slimline finish makes internal fitting of window shutters a frequent choice.

In schools, photo studios and laboratories window shutters give blackout, but also secure expensive equipment when the building is empty. 


Window Grille

Internal Collapsible Window Grilles

Sideways moving collapsible grilles give vision and light while the security remains in place.