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Roller Shutters - Our Delta Roll 4000 electrically operated door is designed for areas where security and frequent use are of paramount importance. The door is electrically driven either via a safe drive motor gearbox or an inboard mounted motor with chain drive to the barrel plate wheel. All inboard drive doors are also fitted with a helical torsion spring inside the barrel and safety brake anti fall bearing on the non-motor end. Either of the drive systems is in full compliance with the latest European legislation relating to industrial doors. The size of the motor and spring is determined by the weight of the curtain.

Roller Shutters - Delta roll 4000 electrically operated, direct drive security roller shutter door


The curtain is constructed from 75mm wide curved sections manufactured from 22SWG, 20SWG or 18SWG (over 22 Sqm) galvanised steel (EN10142 bright spangle) lath interlocked together and finished with a T or L section bottom rail. Each lath is locked together to prevent lateral movement using a nylon/steel end locks. Optional powder coated or plastisol finishes are available.


Constructed from ERW steel tube mounted on a 25mm diameter steel stub shaft. Bearing blocks are fitted to each end plate to support the shaft. Barrels do not incorporate helical torsion springs as the arrest feature is either an inertia brake installed on the non-motor side or the motor is a safe drive unit with its own built in anti fall gearbox.

Electrical Operation

By means of a single or three-phase motor complete with rotary limits and emergency hand chain mechanism. The size of the motor is calculated by the weight of the door and the number of operations. The door is controlled as standard from a 3 push button control unit. All Delta Roll 4000 roller shutters meet the new British & European Standards for Industrial and Commercial Doors, principally BS EN 12604:2000 – Mechanical aspects and BSEN 12453:2001 – Safety in use of power operated doors. All doors comply with the European Directives for Machinery, Low Voltage and EMC. All control voltage is 24v and is usually via a 3 push button control unit as standard. All direct drive motors have as standard a safety brake (anti fall device). Other control systems are available to automate the door i.e. for use in car parks etc.

Delta roll 4000 electrically operated, direct drive security roller shutter door

Electrical Supply

415 Volt 3 phase, earth and neutral 16amp 240 Volt 1 phase 16 amp
Further information available on request.


Constructed from 3mm x 63mm steel wind guide channel bolted to 75mm x 50mm steel angle. For large exposed doors, either deeper 100mm guide channels are used or wind locked guides complete with fitting steel wind locks to the curtain in addition to the end locks.


Normally shutters are operated with push to run operation to open the door and dead man operation to close. Shutters can be operated push to run in both directions provided safety features are added to the door i.e. electric safety edge, photo cell.

Delta roll 4000 electrically operated, direct drive security roller shutter door

Standard Finish

One coat of primer paint, on non-galvanised faces.

Optional Specifications

  • Plastisol coated lath
  • Perforated lath
  • Punched lath
  • Tube & link
  • Powder coated
  • Wicket gate for manual or electrical operated shutters.
  • Canopies, fascia and motor covers.
  • Bottom draught strips.

Electrical Optional Extras

  • Safety edge to bottom rail
  • Key switch
  • Photo cells
  • Remote controls
  • Group controls

Delta roll 4000 electrically operated, direct drive security roller shutter door

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