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- Easyprox nano -

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Paxton AccessNet2 access control in a door handle using wireless communicationPaxton Access

Easyprox nano handles


Access Control Unit
Easyprox nano handle

What is it?

Easyprox nano is a Net2 access control unit in a door handle. It combines a wireless access control unit and a reader in one. Net2 is a PC based security system for controlling access through doors. Net2 allows users to be given access to particular areas at certain times. Because the system is networked, all administration can be done from a central point.

Easyprox nano is supplied with everything needed to secure one door, including a tubular mortice latch. It communicates with Net2 soft ware at a central point by a secure, low power radio link. Easyprox nano is battery powered which means that the unit is totally wireless as it does not require mains power. Installation is very cost effective and creates minimal disruption as no cable is required to communicate between doors and there is no need to wire into mains. Easyprox nano benefits from unique ease of installation and configuration – no knowledge of networks is required.

One Easyprox nano controls a single door. It may be installed alongside other Net2 nano, Net2 plus or Net2 classic control units.

Simply connect a Net2Air USB bridge to the central Net2 server PC and the Net2 soft ware will discover and communicate with Easyprox nanos within range. A secure pairing procedure ensures that communications are private and restricted to the site. If there is an existing TCP/IP Ethernet network, a Net2Air Ethernet bridge may be used to extend the communication distance from the central server PC.

As with all Net2 control units, Easyprox nano is designed to work seamlessly in the event of a communications failure. It will continue to permit or deny access to users as appropriate. Once communications are re-established the activity is reported back to the PC.


Total users 10,000
Total doors Max 200
Doors per Access Control Unit (ACU) 1
ACU’s per bridge Recommended maximum 10
Number of tokens 10,000
Number of time zones 64
Number of time slots 2,000
Number of access levels 250
Stored events per ACU 4,096
Hands free compatible No
Door open time Min 1 sec - Max 999,999 sec
Software required Net2 v4.14 and above
More information http://paxton.info/1526
Installation instructions http://paxton.info/1526
Specifications http://paxton.info/1518
ACU’s per Net2Air USB bridge 10,000
ACU’s per Net2Air Ethernet bridge 10,000
Net2Air USB bridges per system Min 0 - Max 1
Net2Air Ethernet bridges per system
Min 0 - Max 100
Net2Air wireless range to ACU Max 20m. Site survey required*
Ethernet network speed 10 Mbit/s - 100 Mbit/s auto MDIX
Ethernet bandwidth
100 kbit/s
Read range - Token/ISO card Max 50mm
Read range - Keyfob Max 30mm
Operating temperature - battery limits
Min 0°C - Max +55°C
Waterproof No - This unit is for indoor use only
Battery life Max 3 years / 30,000 operations
Battery type Paxton battery pack: 746-003

* Surveying your site is easy using the Net2Air site surveyor kit Visit http://paxton.info/1001 for information on this essential tool

Easyprox nano Easyprox nano 4 x AA high
capacity battery pack
Handle measurements
Easyprox nano handle
Easyprox nano 4 x AA high capacity battery pack
Sales code 746-284 Sales code 746-003
More information:   http://paxton.info/1526 More information:   http://paxton.info/1530
PDF brochure download