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Vandal-resistant Targha



VR vandal-resistant Targha: stylish design, remarkable durability

Blends a particularly attractive design with a highly resilient structure. Its special technical features (seals, fastening screws) assure outdoor resistance.

The material used - stainless steel and 4 mm-thick polycarbonate - enhance its tamperproof and knock-resistant properties.

Vandal-resistant Targha - shatterproof
The camera shield and name covers are made from clear polycarbonate a good 4 mm thick. It won’t go dull as time passes and is virtually impervious to knocks.
Vandal-resistant Targha - burglar proof screws
Special burglar-proof

The special shape of the screw means the entry panel can only be opened with the special tool supplied.
Vandal-resistant Targha - 2mm of stainless steel
2 millimetres of stainless steel

This is how thick the vand resistant
stainless steel front plates are.
Vandal-resistant Targha - secure and resilient
Secure and resilient
Made from steel, the buttons are hard wearing and tamperproof: their mechanical qualities and special shape leave no room for foreign bodies to be inserted.
Vandal-resistant Targha - reinforced recessed entry panel
Targha VR: the reinforced recessed entry panel model
Targha VR can be installed with the special reinforced embedding box. This steel box features an anti-removal device, specially designed to assure unbeatable resistance against aggression of any kind.
Vandal-resistant Targha - measurements

208 x 99 x 22 mm
Vandal-resistant Targha - modularity

Modularity: the form of functionality


Targha has been designed to be installed either horizontally or vertically: a feature that enables it to meet requirements in terms of aesthetic and space in a singularly elegant manner.

PDF brochure download