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Door Entry Panel Colour Choice

Attention to design Targha is the new entry panel from bpt, the fruit of immense efforts in the design field geared towards merging the utmost modularity and functionality with the most advanced aesthetic values contemporary design has to offer.

Compatible with systems 100 and 200 Targha is suitable for use with systems 100 and 200, in both analogue and digital versions.

Details that speak volumes In Targha, form and function are constantly interacting to please the user: the back-lit rocker keys create an unusual contrast with the matt or translucent surfaces of the audio and video modules; the entry panel does not require a rainshield as the delicate drip mouldings and the watertight structure provide sufficient protection.

The right colour for each backdrop Being able to choose the most suitable colour means Targha can change its appearance to fit in with any surroundings and architectural style.

Targha Entry panels offer flexibility and integration


Modularity paves the way to flexibility and integration



The aesthetically pleasing qualities of the flexible Targha design: means the elements can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual building without upsetting the uniform look of the assembly.



In the recessed version, Targha compositions can be created either horizontally or vertically.



The details of a precise design

A streamlined 28 mm
With its extremely small size (just 28 mm thick in the wall mounted version), Targha is the ideal solution for installations where leaving the existing structure untouched is of paramount importance.
Tragha Entry Panel - LED lighting
LED lighting
The LED back lighting system assures constant, pleasantly amber-coloured lighting.

Video Entry System

Targha Video Entry System

No-fuss and hard-wearing, the Targha video entry panel enables total and discreet control of the entrance area. Supplied with a single call button, it can accomodate a second optional button.

Directional surveillance camera: a whole host of positioning options Targha, with the video module, can be positioned to suit since the monitoring angle is easy to adjust (+/- 11° both horizontally and vertically).

The elegant and functional drip moulding: The special shape of the drip moulding helps drain water away and avoid damage. A successful example of a partnership between aesthetic form and practicality.

Targha Audio Entry System

Audio entry system

All the convenience of clear, resonant and reliable voice communication with the entrance panel. Supplied with a single call button, it can accomodate three optional buttons.


  • Wall mounted
  • Recessed
  • Up to four call buttons or up to 8 split buttons


Targha Push Button Panel


The push-button panel



  • Wall mounted
  • Recessed
  • Can house 6 single or 6 split buttons



Twelve buttons split: They replace the standard buttons to serve twice the number of users.

The Targha Digital Panel


The Digital Panell


Numerical and coded call keypad: practicality and minimized dimensions even with a considerable number of users.



Unbeatable performance in an unbeatably small unit With the digital panel, even the most complcated and heavily populated building complexes are no problem.


Just a few codes…

Some Targha Entry Panel Codes

…for a whole host of solutions

Targha Entry Panel Solutions
Targha Entry Panel Button Kit
Button kits KHPS and KHPD
Enable single or twin keys to be
added to Targha front plates.
Targha Entry Panel Button Kit
The blank key cover
Standard issue with the six or
twelve-button front plate.
PDF brochure download