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PDF brochure download

Came ZL19 Control Board

Description of control panel

Control panel for 24V d.c. gear motors, powered by 230V a.c. at 50-60 Hz (singlephase). Designed to control ATI, FERNI and FROG gear motors.

Designed and built entirely by CAME CANCELLI AUTOMATICI S.p.A. to meet UNI 8612 safety standards at an IP 54 level of protection.

Housing in ABS is equipped with vents to provide internal air circulation. Guaranteed 12 months, unless tampered with. This control panel is powered by 230V a.c. across terminals L1 and L2, and is protected by a 3.15A fuse on the main power line. Control systems are powered by low voltage and protected by a 630mA fuse.

The total power consumption of 24V accessories (which are protected by a 3.15A fuse) must not exceed 40 W.


Photocells can be connected to obtain: -

Accessories which can be connected to this unit:

Other functions available:


Important Caution! Shut off the mains powerand disconnect the batteries beforeservicing the inside of the unit.




  1. Transformer
  2. Connectors for speed selection
  3. Terminal board for connectiong battery charger LB18 (connect a bridge across terminals A-B; C-D; E-F; G-H if battery
    charger is not used)
  4. Fuse on accessory power line, 3.15A
  5. Fuse on central control unit, 630 mA
  6. Fine adjustment of amperometric sensitivity during motor operation
  7. Trimmer for adjustment of amperometric sensitivity during operation
  8. Trimmer for adjustment ofamperometric sensitivity during slowdown
  9. Trimmer for adjustment of operating time
  10. Trimmer for adjustment of automatic closing
  11. Trimmer for adjustment of delay on closing cycle motor n.2
  12. 10-dip function switch (see pag.24)
  13. Radio code/automatic closing signal LED
  14. Button for memorizing code numbers
  15. Jumper which selects output B1-B2/ operating cycle indicador light
  16. Radiofrequency board socket
  17. Line fuse, 3.15A
  18. Terminal block for external conections
  19. 4-dip function switch (see pag.23)
  20. Jumper for selection of type of controlfor button in 2-7

NOTE: For more details about Electrical Connections etc, please download the pdf brochure which has these details in several languages

PDF brochure download