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Came ZA5 Control Board

Description of control board

The ZA5 control board is suitable for controlling one automation of ATI, FERNI and FROG series 230V swing gates with up to 600W power and 50- 60Hz frequency.

Wholly designed and built by CAME S.p.A., it meets UNI 8612 regulations in force. The board is inserted and fixed to the ABS case (S4339 o S4340), which has an IP54 protection level, with air recycling inlet and transformer.

The board requires 230V (a.c.) at terminal blocks L1-L2 and the inlet is protected with two 5A fuses. A 3.15A fuse protects the low voltage command devices.

The accessories’ total wattage (24V) must not exceed 20W.


Photocells can be connected to obtain: - Re-opening during closure (2-C1), if the photocells identify an obstacle while the gate is closing, they will reverse the direction of movement until the gate is completely open; - Total stop (1-2), shutdown of gate movement without automatic closing; a pushbutton or radio remote control must be actuated to resume movement).

Accessories which can be connected to this unit:

Other functions available

Adjustments - Trimmer TL = Adjustment of operating time; - Trimmer TCA = Adjustment of automatic closing.

Important Caution! Disconnect the unit from the main power lines before carrying out any operation inside the unit.



NB: series FROG, connect the black wires coming out of the board to the condenser’s connectors.


  1. Terminal blocks for connection
  2. 5A line fuse
  3. 15A central control unit fuse
  4. Radio-code save buttons
  5. Trimmer TL: Operating time adjustment
  6. Trimmer TCA: Automatic closing time adjustment
  7. 2-dip function switch (see below)
  8. Socket AF radiofrequency board
  9. Signal LED
  10. Motor torque regulator (see below)


Electrical Connections

Electrical Connection 230V (a.c.) power input
Electrical Connection 230V (a.c.) single-phase motor max. 600W
Electrical Connection


230V (a.c.) output in motion
(e.g. flashing light - max. 25W)

Electrical Connection (12V - 15W max.) connection for electrically-actuated lock
Electrical Connection 24V (a.c.)Powering accessories (max 20W
Electrical Connection (24V-3W max.) "gate-opened" signal lamp
Electrical Connection Pushbutton stop (N.C.)
Electrical Connection Open button (N.O.)
Electrical Connection Contact radio and/or button for control
Electrical Connection Contact (N.C.) for «re-opening during the closing»
Electrical Connection Antenna connection



«1 OFF» “Operator present”, gate operates only when the pushbutton is held down (the radio remote control system is deactivated) disabled; (1 ON - enabled)

«2 ON» “Automatic closing” enabled; (2 OFF - disabled)



Trimmer T.L. = Adjusts operating time from a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 50 seconds.

Trimmer T.C.A. = Adjusts automatic closing time from a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 130 seconds.



To vary the motor torque, move the indicated faston to one of the four positions: 1=min, 4=max

Motor Torque Limiter


A. insert an AF card **
B. encode transmitter/s
C. store code in the motherboard.


- - - - - -
- -
Frequency / MHz Radiofrequency board Transmitter
FM 26.995 AF130 TFM
FM 30.900 AF150 TFM
AM 433.92 AF43S / AF43SM TAM / TOP
- - - -
- (**) On AM transmitters operating at 433.92 MHz (TOP and TAM series), position the jumper connection on circuit card AF43S as shown on the sheet. -
-- -

Important AF board should ALWAYS be inserted when the power is off as motherboard only recognises it when it is powered

Set the codes

- -
- -
  • Keep the PROG key pressed on the base card (the signal LED will flash), and with a key on the transmitter the code is sent, the LED will remain lit to signal the successful saving of the code (figure 1).
LED controls -


PDF brochure download