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The Briton Overhead Door Closer Range
Briton 2000, 1100 & 121 Series

Briton Logo

The Briton overhead door closer range provides a multi-level approach to door closing solutions to suit all projects, door applications and budgets.

From the simplicity of a mechanical non-fire door closer for basic functionality, to a microprocessor controlled low energy operator for special applications e.g. for doors required to satisfy Part M of the Building Regulations, there are Briton products to meet your needs.

The Briton Contract Series

Has been created to offer a comprehensive package of door closers at Levels 1 - 3, to suit a wide variety of door applications. The Series combines engineering quality, good looks and a range of cost options, with three performance levels, a range of cover options and over 20 finishes, to create a truly versatile range of door closing solutions.

Briton 2000 series Door Closer

Level 3 - Briton 2000 Series

The Briton 2000 Series includes the UK’s number one door closing product, the Briton 2003. The complete Briton 2000 Series includes a wide range of power sizes and applications offering a comprehensive package of solutions to suit most door closing applications.

The Briton 2000 Series comprises:

Briton 1100 Series Door Closer

Level 2 - Briton 1100 Series

The new Briton 1100 Series is designed to provide a mid-range product with the choice of the most popular options, in a concise, cost-effective package.

The Briton 1100 Series includes:

Briton 121 Series Door Closer


Level 1 - Briton 121 Series

The Briton 121 Series provides a compact door closer – to suit fire doors and non fire doors. This series is an ideal solution for low traffic areas, where doors need to be self closing, for either fire protection or convenience.