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FERNI hydraulic swing Gate operator

The universal solution:


A universal solution for gates installed on large posts where the installation of a linear operator is impractical or impossible.


A solution that is EASY and SAFE to install


Garden Swing Gates
Garden Swing Gates

Three versions for a universal solutiont safely locks, opens and relocks

Residential use

The F1000 230V (110V) model with self-locking gears: it is the automation system itself that guarantees the locking of the gates in the closed position. The manual release mechanism, protected by a door and key, easily unlocks the gears in case of power failure. An optional cord release mechanism model H 3000 is available. The F1100 230V (110V) model without locking gears: recommended for gates over 2.50 mt (7 ft). The closure of the gate is guaranteed by means of an electric lock that allows for manual operation in case of power failure.

FERNI hydraulic swing Gate operator

Commercial and condominium applications: The F1024 series commercial swing gate operator is designed for continuous duty cycles along with safety features as in all CAME products. Slow down at opening and closing. It can accommodate inputs from any access control system: radio transmitter, card reader, telephone entry or safety device loops or photocells. It can incorporate an optional battery backup system in case of power failure. The safety features of the 24V system include the possibility to adjust the travel speed as well as the slowdown speed in opening and closing. The obstacle detection feature reverses the movement of the gate upon sensing an obstacle.

Sturdy, quiet and above all electromechanical

The careful choice of materials used, its construction with a permanent fluid grease lubrication, but above all the fact that is electromechanical, eliminates the need for periodic maintenance of the operator.


Technical Charecteristics

Technical information

TYPE F1000 F1100 F1024
Protection level IP54 (NEMA 3)
Power supply 230V (110V) A.C.
Motor power supply 230V (110V) A.C. 230V (110V) A.C. 24V D.C.
Capacity 150 W 110 W 180 W
Duty cycle 50% 50% intensive oper.
Max. Torque 320 N•m 380 N•m 470 N•m
Motor thermal protection 150°C 150°C  
Opening time (90°) 18S 18S from 16 to 45S
Operating temperature -20°C min. +70°C max

Use limits (1 Kg = 2,2 LBS – 1 m = 3,2 ft)

Graph showing door weight / door width combinations

FERNI can be applied to single doors up to 4 mt (12 ft) wide, with distances of up to 380 mm (15") between the hinge of the gate and the edge of the column.


Overall Dimensions

Overall Dimensions

Swing gate system for industrial passageWorking Schematic - Swing gate system for industrial passage

PDF brochure download